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Pre-scheduled medical examination of drivers and mechanical examination of cars

Pre-scheduled drivers and cars examination:

IBF-Motors offers you the service of pre-scheduled drivers/cars examination before the vehicle is allowed to run the motorway:

Medical driver examination is being conducted by medical staff of IBF-Motors in accordance with the license issued by Health Department of Moscow. Mechanical car examination is being done by specially trained experienced IBF-Motors staff mechanics.

The examination takes place in stationary and mobile check-points. In accordance with preliminary agreement the pre-scheduled medical examination is possible on clients territory. We also put into consideration clients wishes regarding placement and quantity of newly opened medical/mechanical examination check-points.

The services cover the execution/filling in of all necessary documents (drivers medical examination logs and car examination logs); providing clients with car inspection statements with following entering the corresponding digest regarding car technical condition and driver examination into CRM-system (database IBF-Main). We hand-out to our clients regular summary report about provided services.

Mobile car-examination check-point.
  • Mostly located next to the entrances to top-priority highways of the city.

  • Stationary car-examination check-point on IBF-Motors territory.
  • Stationary car-examination check-point on client territory.

Our medical check-points are equipped with modern techniques, cutting edge medical diagnostics methods are used.

Our medical experts assess a drivers health condition quickly and professionally. They reveal any pathology or disorder, make analyses and tests, reveal alcohol or drug intoxication, which is the best way to prevent car accidents and to save many peoples lives.

Pre-scheduled medical drivers examination..

Before the car is allowed to enter the motorway the medical pre-scheduled drivers examination takes place. .

Drivers come to any of IBF-Motors medical check-points, bringing waybill with them. The medical examination is being conducted for everyone individually.

Firstly, a medical experts conduct a detailed survey. They reveal any complains, Firstly, a medical experts conduct a detailed survey. They reveal any complains, how drivers feel, whether there are any problems with sleep. Provided there are any complains the medical expert makes additional analyses. The visual driver survey checks the following aspects:

  • - cutaneous covering (special attention is paid to scratches/bruises, injections traces, reddening of the skin),
  • - eyes mucous membrane (reddening, hyperemia),
  • - pupil of the eye (their size and reaction to the light).

Then the bodys temperature and arterial blood presser are measured, as well as exercise heart rate. If no signs of illness or pathology are revealed the medical expert issues a driving permissions.

Driver can be deprived of using cars if any of the following factors is revealed:

  • - chronic disease exacerbation (high temperature, headache, feebleness, eyesight deterioration, lukewarm response and etc.),
  • - considerable deviation of arterial blood presser from individual norm or considerable deviation of exercise heart rate from normal,
  • - whenever alcohol or drugs intoxication is being suspected.

In the last case the drivers soberness control is held. The employees, deprived of work due to their health condition are being send to GP for a treatment.

Driver soberness control.

In case of revealing the following factors, i.e.:

  • - cardiovascular system disorder combined with the absence of any chronic diseases,
  • - deviation from the normal behavior (speech disturbance, walk disturbance, hands tremor),
  • - pupils light reactions derangement (or its absence),
  • - the smell of alcohol.

are followed by additional measures of soberness control.

Clinic examination is used for soberness control. It includes saliva or breath-out air analyses. The driver is to be deprived from work if toxins, alcohol or drug substance is revealed.

The medical expert pay attention to behavior and psychological reaction in the process of examination. The most frequent sign of alcohol intoxication is incoordination. It is easily revealed by means of simple tests picking-up some objects from the floor, walk with sharp turns and etc.

If the driver disagrees with the result of medical examination he is being directed to the hospital for further investigation.

The revealing of evident alcohol intoxication signs, drivers refusal from passing the tests may cause the procedure of issuing of special statement regarding the workers appearance in the office in alcohol intoxicated condition.

The control of psychotropic substance in blood is provided by means of immunoaffine chromatographycal express-tests strips. They enable the controllers to reveal quickly (in 10 minutes) the presence of drug substance in saliva or urine. Following sanitary norms the urine analyses are passed only in stationary medical check-points. The results are being collected into a special protocol.

Pre-scheduled medical examination takes place daily, which complies with official norms. Pre-scheduled medical/mechanical examination guarantees the passengers/employees safety and ensues that your companys vehicles are intact.

Pre-scheduled mechanical car examination

The order and the procedure of pre-scheduled car examination:

A staff mechanic checks driving license, waybill, medical experts confirmation in waybill, and other documentation necessary to let the car go to the motorway (cars are not allowed to enter the motorway unless all the documentation is in order).

In collaboration with a driver a staff mechanic checks the technical operability and completeness of a car:
- Visual survey
- Operability of door locks, bonnet, and boot
- Operability of working brakes system
- Operability of parking brake system
- Steering control (noise, backlash)
- Operability of optical devices
- Operability of sound signal
- Operability of windscreen wipers
- The state of accumulator
- Set of the motorist (fire extinguisher, medicine chest, breakdown triangle, towing cable, towing cable lug, lifting jack)
- Leaking check for technical liquid in hydraulic systems
- Tire condition control (including a spare wheel)
A car with malfunctions is not allowed to enter the motorway. It is also prohibited in case of absence of fire-protection equipment, medicine chest, breakdown triangle, and other necessary equipment.

The procedure of banning a car from enering the mottoway is being preliminary agreed with a client.

A staff mechanic froves with his signature the car and waybill examination and let the car to enter the motoway.

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