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Complex control over the vehicle fleet and run-time leasing

Complex control over the Clients car fleet, outsourcing in other words, is the Clients car park management, i.e. delegating to us burdensome functions on technical cars maintenance and service support. As a result you obtain an expert in cars management with the ability to focus on the main business of your own.

Thus the efficiency of your own business increases whereas in mean time you cut down on management expenses.

We provide the wide range of outsourcing facilities i.e. administration department, transport department, human resource department, accounts. To solve any problem concerning transportation you need to contact the only one person representing the management company that controls every aspect of your transport system.

Run-time leasing (long term car hire without a driver):

  • providing customers with cars of any make and kitting-up
  • for a hire term more than 36 months;
  • individual manager for full car maintenance;
  • statistics and reporting in agreed format;
  • technical service support during the whole hire period;
  • 24/7 technical support and evacuation within Russian Federation;
  • unlimited territorial vehicle operation;
  • mileage limit is set by the Client;
  • buyout after a leasing term expiration;
  • additional pre-arranged services

Accurate transfer title for all your fleet vehicles to IBF-MOTORS:

  • vehicle fleet buyout at the agreed sales contract price and transfer title;
  • transfer title for IBF-MOTORS vehicles to a Client according to run-time leasing agreement;
  • additional agreed services

External administration of all your fleet vehicles:

  • delegation of an individual car fleet manager, reporting in agreed format;
  • consolidated monthly invoices for IBF-MOTORS services;
  • additional agreed services;
  • Transfer title for IBF-MOTORS vehicles to a Client according to run-time leasing agreement.

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